Saturday, 30 July 2011

My finger and videos

I have the most ridiculous injury right now. It is preventing me from riding but not much else. Still have to go to work, still have to do house work.

I was sweeping the stables out and the aluminum (less than 12 months old barely used Oates outdoor broom that was not cheap) handle snapped and trapped the pad of my left ring finger in it, then scooped out a big chunk of flesh, most of my finger pad and down to the bone. There was blood, there was screaming, there was a very quick dash to the doctors BUT there was no needles or stitches (thankfully). The doctor just taped the flesh back down and hopefully it will graft back on. If not, then I will need to get a skin graft.

So I can't ride as my horse doesn't know how to neck rein and I can't bend my finger or risk her reefing the rein out of my hand and displacing the half attached finger pad. I've also had to postpone 4 trims this weekend! :(

ANYWAY Natalie rode both mares this morning. Gracie had an issue. Nat got on and they barely went two steps when Gracie started bucking like a bronc. Nat did a good job staying on but in the end she came off. We think Gracie has an issue with the girth, as she seems to be quite sensitive all along under her belly especially going closer to her nipples where there are strange painful lumps that come and go. We have had one vet look at them but he dismissed it. I think we need to look into it further.

Nat lounged Gracie for a good 10-15 minutes and did a little ground work, then got back on (after checking the saddle and cloth for sticks etc) and did one calm walk circle then got off. Poor kid.

Then she got on Allie for about 10 minutes but Nat had to go so it was only a very very short ride.
Allie and Andrew smooching while they wait for Allie's turn.
Video of Nat on Allie (I can't get it to embed, soz! Also, turn down the volume, my voice is quite loud).


Dom said...

Totally winced reading this.

Funder said...

^^ Same! :(