Monday, 25 July 2011

Cold, wet, but setting goals anyway!

Last week was disgusting. It rained all week, and we only got a ride in on Monday night. I had to keep them in the stable overnight one night as it just poured. And Allie just doesn't get how to be in a stable. The last 4 times she has stayed in overnight, she has turned around to stare at the back wall of her stall and pooped in her feed bucket!! When it has been full of her dinner! Why mare, WHY?! Why you so dumb?

This week is a new week though! We will school Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, then we are heading out for a road ride on Saturday around the Chain-O-Ponds loop (i.e. Around the block, the street is called Chain-o-Ponds, how cute!).

Short term I have a hoof trimming clinic to attend on the 29th August and I need to pick which horse to take. Allie will behave better, but it's an advanced trimming course and it's no use bringing a horse that has perfect feet. Gracie has some issues and I think it would be more worth it to take her.

That is on a Friday, and then the Sunday of that weekend there is the Blacktown Gymkhana that they hold at the end of every month. I would love to take advantage of the fact that we will already have a car and float available and take the two girls in the led classes, for exposure. Should be fun.

Long term I want to get out to do two dressage tests. I've been snooping on the Dressage NSW site but haven't sussed out an event for us yet.

After summer, I want to start jumping. They will be rising 6 then, and to be honest I can't wait to start jumping. I miss it, even though I never competed.

Just need to get through the rest of this crappy winter though. It sucks riding in the dark.

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