Monday, 1 August 2011


A little update on my dog Chakra - she went in over the weekend to
have the suspicious lump cut from her lady bits. The (hot, lovely,
Irish basketball player) vet also ultrasoundered her heart for
function and the lumpy liver, lymph nodes and spleen looking for mass
cell tumours (for free!!). He showed us the pictures and talked us
through everything and basically said there was nothing there that
causes too much concern other than a small spot in her spleen but we
will wait for the results of the biopsy of the lump taken to decide
whether we will bother with the spleen thing. He's not too worried. :)

She also had a bunch of teeth removed so the poor dear is dribbling a
little blood and feeling sorry for herself (until it's dinner time,
then she perks right back up again!) so that is good.

Wish us luck/send prayers/positive energy or whatever you believe in
for this lump to be nothing please. :) She is a top little dog as
deserves years longer of excellent quality of life.

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Funder said...

Oh, good thoughts headed your way! I hope your sweet girl feels 100% better today.