Tuesday, 5 July 2011


  • I have been trimming a lot. It makes me happy. :)
  • I have been trying to get a ride in whenever I can - probably twice a week? They are boring blog material (Allie trotted on the bit! Gracie bent around Nat's leg! etc.) so we have not been updating with these boring details.
  • I have been struggling to keep up with Allie's big stride. I thought I needed to practice practice practice but I put my stirrups up a couple of holes and that seems to have fixed the problem. :)
  • Hoping to get the girls out and about again soon. Not sure when, where or how but we need to settle that so it happens. Probably to the local indoor again for a proper schooling.
  • Also, we want to take them for a proper hand gallop up a hill. See if they can figure out what we are asking for this time.
  • Als is nearly ready for another lesson. I wonder what we shall work on next!
  •  I'm sick of the cold and dark already. Spring now please. Thanks!

That is all I have for you, except for this cute picture of a pony:

( I think this pony might be a dwarf? He looks it!)

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Dom said...

Cuuute pony.