Monday, 20 June 2011

Whoops, maybe next weekend?

I didn't end up riding over the weekend. I'm kicking myself too! My horse is turning into a brat and needs a good schooling session to knock her back in line. Little witch. She is struggling with the whole tying up and standing patiently while mum goes into the tack room to grab something thing. I have nightmares about her breaking her neck or smashing her head when she pulls back, so I only tie her using the blocker tie ring. However, she has figured out that she can just pull her lead out of it and trot off. I got the shits with her tonight when I tied her up for a hoof thrush treatment because Gracie the brat escaped into my backyard and refused to get out of it again. Allie wanted in on the shenanigans and pulled her lead free three times!!

Anyway, I didn't ride because I ended up taking way too long to do two trims and visit the saddlery on Saturday. It was glorious weather too.

Vet visit went ok. Chakra is going in for surgery to remove the lump on her vulva and have the liver lump ultrasounded to see what it is. There goes another $1000. Ka-Ching! That would be about the fifth grand I have spent on that dog, but she is worth it. :)

We are riding 2-3 times during this week then we will be going out around the block again on Saturday. :) I can't wait to get back on!

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