Sunday, 12 June 2011


It has been cold and wet and rainy this week. I didn't ride at all. Funny how sometimes having the horses at home makes you ride less. There is always tomorrow.

So this leads me to have very little motivation to get on after dark, in the cold and rain, to just do walk circles because that is all the footing will allow. Harumph. It's a long weekend this weekend too. I hope to get on tomorrow (Monday) at least.

Not much else is happening either, except  got a tail bag for Allie because I saw another bay with a glorious tail and I want her to have a tail like that. Exciting, huh?

I get so jealous reading all the blogs from overseas who are in summer now and looking at their sleek summer coats and sunny skies and t shirts.

That is about it really.


Anonymous said...

Saw your post from 4/2011 that said:

"I discovered this stuff called Struflex which is a pelleted dust reduced straw bedding"

Are you still able to purchase this? I've heard they are out of businesss.

Thanks (

Lisa said...

As far as I know I can still buy it. my local produce sells it and I haven't heard that they aren't doing it any more.

Funder said...

You've almost made it! December, for me, is such a depressing slog through endless night til eventually finally the solstice arrives and I've made it and things start getting better. :)

I can't believe I'm saying this, but the days are almost too long in Reno. The sky isn't dark til 9 pm and the sun is well up at 5 am.