Monday, 14 February 2011

Why do they call it 'floating'?

The trailer certainly does NOT FLOAT like you are on a boat or on a cloud. It was scary!

We did some float training on Saturday morning with the girls. Gracie has only traveled on a float once, and that was on new year's day when they escaped, and that was in an exceptional circumstance because it was hot, they were scared and exhausted and and and... she needs to learn to get on and travel. So we borrowed the neighbor's float and away we went. Natalie did almost all the handling of Gracie to get her on. It took about an hour to get her to the point where we locked her in there. She is TERRIFIED of the float. So proud though, she kept her head and didn't loose it. I was in the float with her, and it was VERY VERY SCARY. I knew it was that scary, but I have never traveled in the back with it moving before! After, she even backed out slowly and stopped halfway down the ramp, then all the way off, then after a sec, she popped back on again. She was patient and waited when we opened the tailgate. Yay! Float training WIN!

See her poor eyeballs about to fall out of her head?

She was dripping with sweat and was trembling. She was even breathing so hard that she sucked her nostrils closed and couldn't breathe!

Not any worse off after her 'experience'. As soon as she was off the float, all was well!

Allie was a boof head. She was happy to get on the float, but just didn't think. She tried to get in from the side of the ramp, she tried to rush in, she tried to rush out, she was just being d.u.m.b. But she tried, and that is the main part. I have no worries about having trouble getting her in and out of the float, she will do it, but now it is about getting in and out the RIGHT way. Bimbo!

Licky chewy icky spewy. Check out the sweat!

How cute is that face!? Also, I think I have my eyes closed... hrm.

Ignore me - I'm growing a baby apparently...*

I had to take out the stallion divider because when she was loading she kept putting her head on the wrong side of it! See what I mean by bimbo?!

In other news, today they were super cute in the paddock, so I took a little video;

*No babies, promise!


Funder said...

I was really hoping you'd tell us why yall call them floats! I have never understood that. I figured out lucerne pretty fast, and I even understood agistment (thanks law school), but floating? Just weird to me!

Sounds like a good trailer loading day. :)

Lisa said...

Yeah, the more I think about it, the stranger it is! We call them horse floats.... no idea why!