Saturday, 26 February 2011


My husband and I are moving house! We have been trying to find somewhere we can continue to keep the horses a home, closer to work for me, nicer house, better fencing, etc etc etc... And we have found a place! We were approved yesterday morning. It's a neat little 2.5 acre property, 3 stables with attached lockable garage, 4 fully fenced paddocks, with post and rail fencing, nice house perfect for entertaining, big dog run, plus a cat cage, double garage. The rent is much more expensive though, but not out of our budget. We have been having trouble at the place we are at now for a little while and while I am sad to go, I'm looking forward to a real kitchen (my current house is not much bigger than a caravan), proper storage space, a BATHTUB!! And a neat and tidy tack/feed room! Can't wait!

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Funder said...

Congrats! That sounds just wonderful - I hope the actual move isn't too painful.