Thursday, 3 February 2011


So, like I said in my last post, it has been super hot here over the last few weeks. For about a week now it has been 37-42 deg celsius every day. (104-108 fahrenheit). Poor Allie sweats so much, every day her entire back is covered in salt crystals. I'm giving her electrolytes every day to help replenish the lost electrolytes, but the sweat makes her coat bleach even worse than it already is. Check this out:

This is Allie's off side just behind her wither. The darker area is where she lost hair from a Gracie bite and new hair has grown in. That is the colour she is SUPPOSED to be! All around is her old bleached coat colour, which looks YUCK!

Now, the simple, easy solution is to keep a rug on her. Which I would do, if the weather would just cool down a little. Sadly, I live in the HOTTEST part of Sydney! It is always the hottest temperature in Penrith, and my poor animals cop it. The best I can do for them is fill up as much water as I can and hose themoff if I'm home. It's WAY too hot for any cotton rug. I did see one today that is the lightest cotton material that would be perfect. Except I'm broke. So I have to put up with my dun horse. Ah well. If she was ever going to look this gross, better off now while I'm not taking her anywhere I guess.

She had another lunge today. We had one farty buck but she was otherwise good. Grace is still not back in work because she did this:

Weird blown-up knee

She was stiff on it at first, but there was no heat. She is fine now and I think she can come back on the lunge next week. There is still a little fluid over the knee though, but it is recovering from the mystery injury slowly but surely.

So that is where we are at with the ponies right now!

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