Friday, 18 February 2011

Saddle required now please...

I called that saddler on my lunch break yesterday to ask if he had a saddle for me yet... He said that he does!! He is coming out next Tuesday to fit it to her! I'm so excited, I will be able to get back on track with her.

I got sick of waiting and decided to hop on bareback on Tuesday night. It went well, except... I came off. She did this weird leapy kicky bouncy thingy and I just bailed because I had no chance of sitting it out. In the process I got my thumb caught on the rein and it was pulled quite hard. It was very sore! I wonder how it made her mouth feel. :(

But, I kept my dignity and landed on my feet (albeit in a crouch to keep my head out of flying hoofie range), and then I just led her back to the mounting block (read: garden chair) and remounted. I can't say I wasn't a tad worried about her doing it again, but I was on alert and the worst she did after that was stamp at flies. Cheeky pony miss. Does that count as my first fall from her? She seemed a bit surprised that I was down on the ground, I don't think anyone has fallen off her before.

So stand by for some updated saddled stories! Last bit of summer trail riding, here we come!

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Jenny said...

Enjoyed reading your blog... great pictures, too!
You have beautiful horses, and it looks like they get no shortage of love.
Thanks for following along at Tekes Tally-Ho!