Tuesday, 4 October 2016

October Whirlwind

October is a huge month for Allie.

- Monday 10th October, Andrea is taking her for a clinic lesson with Stefano van Zuijlen.

- Saturday 15th Andrea is taking Allie to SIEC for a dressage protocol day.

- Saturday the 22nd and Sunday 23rd I'm taking Allie to Mudgee for a xc and showjumping clinic with Sam Lyle (FINALLY riding with Sam! It's been in the works for years). I'm so so freaking excited. We are doing the 80cm clinic. Linda says I'm never allowed to take Allie around a 60cm course again lol.

- 29th I've got Silver Hills ode at 80cm.

This weekend just gone was our quietest weekend until next month. Andrea did two dressage/pole days Saturday and Sunday, then yesterday (Monday public holiday) I tricked my husband into coming with me to film my jump school.

I kept the heights rather small, about 75cm, with one smaller cross rail, one oxer, and a three stride double. I wanted to work on the related distance, also counting three strides into a jump to help me see a distance.

She jumped very honestly. I mucked up a heap of times but that's why I kept the height smaller so that she didn't have to do anything fancy to get over the jump if I stuffed up.

Here's some video - first up the related distance. This was about our fourth go through and we got it.

Here's the whole course we did. The second time we go over the combo, you can see how I stuff up my stride and she really is so honest jumping the second jump with my reins all over the place and no help from me.

We are getting there. Can't wait for my clinic!!


TeresaA said...

finally! It's great to see you guys back at it.

emma said...

Busy month!

KateRose said...

Wow, October will be quite busy :)