Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Mt Hope

So we have left Coolamon, the agistment we were at since before Allie had her tumor diagnosed.

I was sad to go, but it's a racehorse property and we were struggling without an arena, plus they were putting the price up.

Jess (who owns Prince, the horse I put a few rides on earlier in the year) found a new place for us to move to! It's called Mount Hope.

The positives about it are that it's $27 a week cheaper (than the new Coolamon price), Allie gets to live in a mini herd with other horses, there's plenty of grass, the paddocks are quite big (for yard type paddocks anyway) and they are hilly, there's a full jump paddock and a 40x60 sand arena and float parking. Plus it's like a 5 minute float ride to the indoor arena.

Arena! These aren't common here on agistment properties in Sydney, unless you pay big $$ for it.

Cons are that there's no trail riding (but can float to some not too far away). Also, the fencing is wire with electric up top.

So many jumps. Also, beautiful views of the Blue Mountains and surrounds.

The fencing is a con because last night Allie escaped into the next door property by just pushing straight through all the damn fencing.

She doesn't respect fencing unless it is HOT HOT HOT or big wooden fencing like at Coolamon. I had hoped that leaving her in the paddock all day sans rug (because remember she scratches herself red raw and I've only just gotten her mane and tail sorta back with constant rugging which I don't like to do) but NOOOOO of course she knew the second she had a rug on she could push through.


So poor Prince, who was paddocked with her, followed along for the adventure into the next door property and copped a cut for his troubles from the fencing. I feel awful. Then, when Jess went out to feed in the morning and she found them next door, she caught them then put them in another yard, fed them, then took Prince out to doctor his cut. Allie galloped straight through the fence again to get to Prince. FML.

So, in they went into a THIRD paddock and apparently this afternoon when Prince was taken out she didn't go through the fence but did call out a bit, eventually settling and hanging with the other horses over the fence. Thankfully.

She was so so super tense yesterday. It was very windy and we (being Andrea and I) both rode her, and it wasn't very pretty but we got the job done.

Just some crappy screenshots from a video Andrea took yesterday, at the end of my ride when she finally started to listen.

Anyway so now of course I'm terrified she's going to escape on to the road and I SHOULD be studying right now for my stats exam but I can't concentrate.

The agistment owner was apparently really nice about the fencing. She has run the place for 20 years so I'm sure it's not the first time a horse has run through the fencing.

Hopefully she stays put from now on.

Allie (closer to camera) and Prince (on the other side in a green rug) sharing a feed. Of course.

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emma said...

Naughty mare running thru the fence!! Other than that tho the new place sounds great!