Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Camden Equestriad - Show Jumping!

So, after a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast with my family, I went and picked up my mum (who wanted to come watch) and headed to the paddock to hook up and take Allie back to Camden.

The weather could not have been any different form the day before - we had a steady drizzle all day long. I was so glad we weren't running cross country on Sunday.

We arrived at about 11am, met up with Deb and a friend Jess (who brought her horse just for the experience of riding around at a show) and set them up in day yards as there weren't a lot of people there, then we went to grab some food and walk the course.

 Well, when we got there, they had started early so we didn't get a chance to walk it. We watched enough riders go through so we knew the course and then grabbed food, then went back to the floats to tack up.

My mum, who is quite a sedentary creature, couldn't believe the amount of walking involved. She was horrified when I told her I had done over 40,000 steps the day before according to my fitbit. I ended up carting a camp chair around for her so she could sit. Haha.

By the time we were headed back over to the jump arena, Linda had turned up, and so had my husband (with my daughter)! He's not particularly supportive of this whole horse showing thing - I've done hardly any competing so he says he "isn't used to it", but I was so surprised and happy to see him there. I sent mum off to go hang with him.

Warm up went well, she knocked down the spread but jumped lovely after that. We warmed up for literally about 7 minutes as they were running so early and were pushing for riders to go.

I watched one more rider go through then it was our turn. Andrew (husband) got some video. Listen out for the cutest little voice at 50 seconds.

We went clear!!! She jumped so perfectly, didn't take any long spots, hardly chipped in too close, she was so nicely forward and into the bridle and in front of the leg that it was so so EASY to ride her!

No photos yet of the SJ (I've been stalking the photographers page but it seems like none of them were interested in taking photos of the 60cm classes!!) but I will add any later if they end up posting them.

It took FOREVER to get final results - I woke up at 3am on Monday morning and checked and they were finally posted. We were 7th after dressage, 15th after cross country, then clawed our way up to 12th after a clear show jumping. 

I'm really pleased with that! Solid effort!

Let's just not mention that if we hadn't had a run out because I can't keep my stupid stirrup that we would have placed 4th. But shhhh. There's always next time.

Up next for us is a xc and sj clinic a few hours away on the 22nd October with Sam Lyle, then we re doing Silver Hills 80cm the weekend after.

We are on a roll now!


TeresaA said...

Great work! I'm glad that you had fun!

emma said...

Yay congrats!