Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Showjumping at SIEC

So, after dressage and the schooling session we had, we had about 40 minutes to chill out before having to get ready for showjumping. While the girls gave Allie a green pick I went and walked the course. We were jumping out of sand, which Allie hasn't done before except for a few little cross rails at the indoor. The sand was absolute slop and quite deep, so I thought she wouldn't enjoy jumping out of it.

The warm up was the same, but it wasn't too busy as they only allowed about 4 horses in at once. I had a bit of a trot and canter around then jumped he warm up cross rail, vertical then a giant oxer someone had put p a few holes. She jumped the oxer really well so I just left her after that to walk around on the buckle until we were called to go down to the course.

I got there and only stood around for 30 seconds before it was my turn. The gate stewards were on point that day!

Anyway, here's my round!

I checked her a little strong before 2 so she ended up trotting into it, three we took a long spot, 6a she jumped a bit close to the base and then we had one rail down at number 7 (the red, white and blue one with sails for wings). She knocked it with her back right foot, jumping close again. Other than that (haha), she jumped quite well! Was nice and calm and on the job, did a lovely flying change after 8. I kept jumping ahead a couple of times but to be honest I hadn't jumped for two weeks which is a bit naughty of me, so I was a little rusty. The jumps at this height are so ridiculously small for her, she barely even tries. She did NOT like the footing so I had to use a bit more leg than usual and clicked quite a bit. She looked a bit fancy with her plaits still in :P

So I was quite pleased with her after the SJ. She got another green pick, had a drink and some hay cubes while we all ate the sandwich platter I made, drank wine, and ate cheese and crackers. My main goal for the day was to have FUN, and during the showjumping I started to achieve that goal.

I took off to walk the cross country course after some food. It was quite wet and sloppy in parts, but altogether was rideable. I was still ridiculously nervous and trying to ignore it.

I'll do a run down of cross country next!

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emma said...

Definitely sounds like your goal of having fun was a success! She looks like she's having fun too :)