Monday, 22 February 2016

The Plan

Ok guys, here's the plan.

Allie and I are headed to Silver Hills hunter trials on Easter Monday (that's the 28th March) to try out the 80cm course. Before then I'll take her to silver hills with a friends, Debbi (she events prelim level) to school over the scarier fences.

Then, THEN, I'm going to enter Equestriad on my birthday weekend (16th/17th April) in the 80cm class. We are jumping 80cm at home confidently so hopefully with a couple of xc schools and the hunter trial we will be happily jumping intro level.

After that event, she can have 4 weeks off, as I'll be in Hawaii for two weeks at the end of April/early May. Then we will see what's happening around the time I bring her back into work.

That's it!


TeresaA said...

Sounds like a good plan to me. Have fun in Hawaii. I loved it there.

OneHindResting said...

What an awesome plan! :D