Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Realisation of a dream

Did I tell you guys that we entered our first official event? I don't think I told you guys!

Well, this Saturday, Allie and I are competing in the eva60 at the Sydney (@SIEC) Eventing summer classic!

I'm nervous and excited. Our dressage is going to be a bit sketchy as our transitions aren't always what they should be but hopefully she's got a bit of forward on the day and I can get her to relax.

I think mainly I've got to make sure that I don't panic and that I leave plenty of time to get ready for each phase!

So excited


L.Williams said...

Awesome! Best of luck! :D

emma said...

good luck - hope you have a blast!

KateRose said...

Have fun! Get lots of pics :)