Friday, 8 January 2016

Well we got to the indoor yesterday. I didn;t realise just how small it is for jumping. Poor Allie got a workout, tight turns and jumping out of deep sand.

Ah well. She was fairly good natured about it.

This video was our first jump since I had had a baby (and since the whole broken leg this 2 years ago). That was 3 months ago, I'm posting here for a bit of comparison. The canter has improved out of sight.

So at the indoor yesterday, We started out with some poles on the ground (then cavaletti height) 5 strides apart. It was a little messy if the approach wasn't perfect and I needed to use a bit of leg to get her there, because the turn was so small. We ended up jumping both jumps to about 45cm I think, so just small, but it was the exercise of counting strides I wanted to do. It was harder than it looked!

She did good. She made me proud.

Today I have the conundrum of "what to do?". The ground is soaked, I can't take her back to the indoor today as a friend is borrowing the float for some float training with her youngster. I can;t take her for a hack or ride on the racetrack as I have Evie with me today. I was thinking I might try long reining her over poles? Or I could use the round yard and pop her in the lunging training system. I don't know, I guess I'll figure it out when I get there. If Evie is asleep in her car seat I'll probably just drive around the property leading her out the window, doing long slow work.

She's not having another day off, that's for sure.

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