Thursday, 28 January 2016

Jump Lesson 28.01.16

I left my baby with my sister (fist time leaving her with anyone but her dad - eeek!) this morning and I hooked the float up and took Allie to Sheany Park for a jump lesson with Emily.

After a quick warm up Emily had me trot up to a small cross rail. Then she had me canter the approach over and over until it became a giant 90cm oxer!

I couldn't believe it. I've been so nervous and my mare can jump 90cm no problems.

Basically I needed to develop more speed and forward coming up to the jump and to keep my leg on and SIT UP and keep my hands close and low and not get in front of the jump and then Allie will jump like a dream. Easy, right?


We still had some wild and hairy moments, but only when I stuffed up and didn't ride her to the jump. She gave it her all today.

She did crash through one jump, the second fence in a double, because I had jumped the first fence then stopped riding. Allie tried to leap anyway but she just didn't have enough momentum. And you know what? I've been scared of crashing into the jumps, scared of what would happen. And all that happened was the poles went flying and my horse got her feet sorted and I had to slip the reins and then we were away from the piles of poles and it didn't happen again! Seriously, that's not too much to worry about.

We did a few combos and we even jumped a skinny (she was a bit wobbly but she did it!) and then we put it all together and we jumped a full course. A full 70-90cm course!! Ah man, she was so good. I was getting tired by this stage but she didn't have anything down except the last vertical because I thought "oh, just a vertical, easy right?" and didn't give her the approach she needed. We did the course again and the same thing happened so we finished on the last two jumps and she was amazing, I rode her like she needed, and we were SO DONE. So tired and drenched in sweat but it was good.

No video or photos sadly BUT I took a sneaky shot of some of the course as I was leaving. It doesn't look as big that far away but I swear it looked so HUGE while I was doing it!

Emily said about Allie that she could certainly jump, plenty of scope. She is neat and tidy with her legs and when she's in a sticky spot she can get herself out of it. So that's good to know!

So we had some great and maybe even perfect moments. And a few super messy moments. But overall, it was the best ride I've ever had on a horse, ever. It was so much FUN!!

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