Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Who wants a BIG GREY?!?!

A friend on FB posted the below add from Gumtree (which is like Craigslist I guess...)

Wow Frank... just wow. Apparently the horse is known by my friend and it is riddled with arthritis.

My FB comments:
(I went a bit overboard)

 Likes to have a pick? Hot diggity damn!! Treated like royalty too... I won't worry about a vet check then. And he loves being around other horses!! Such a rare and special quality in a horse, who are normally solitary creatures who fight when their territories cross. $10,000 is a bargain for such a wonderful example of the equine species! I DO need something to light up my backyard... Been searching for years...

Where do I post my cheque?

Debbi: Lol Lisa! I too need a $10k something or other for my backyard 

Lisa: But Debbi, he is a BIG GREY! He will LIGHT UP YOUR BACKYARD with the reflected sunlight off his glorious GREY coat! IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!

I hear big grey horses in backyards are good feng shui...

Surely, SURELY this guy is just trolling. Surely he doesn't think he will get $10k for his horse. It is written like an Ok Cupid ad... "Likes going for long walks... is very tame once he gets to know you..." jeez. I just can't get over it! I wonder how much extra you need to pay to get the horn too?

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Carly said...

Those pictures are glorious, too. Definitely pro quality, and something I'd pay $10k for!