Thursday, 21 August 2014

About to explode.

I am desperate to get on my horse. Desperate. I just want to feel her under me, see her long neck out in front. I want to lean back and rest my hand on her hip and feel her hind legs push me forward. I want to feel her ribcage swing swing swing side to side to allow room for her hind legs to step under and feel the movement through my hips. I want to pick up the reins and feel her lips and have her trot forward into the contact again and feel her jaw loosen and feel her little teeth click together with every trot step because she's so relaxed in the jaw. I want to put my calf on her and feel her hind step across and under. I want to hear her breath snort out with every canter stride as we zip around.

I miss that so so much. SO MUCH. I've decided that if I allow one more weekend slip by while I'm not too fat to hop on that I do believe I'll just explode. So Saturday, I'm getting on dammit.


L.Williams said...

Do it!

Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

I know the feeling. Sometimes it makes you crazy just thinking about riding.