Sunday, 21 October 2012

Schooling pics and videos

Natalie schooled both horses today (I'm out for a few days due to my kicked leg) and I got some photos and videos of both horses.

Lots of me talking in the videos - please don't mind me :p. My commentary in the video kind of shows what is going on anyway, so you may as well listen to it.

Let me know how you think Nat did! I think she is an excellent rider with a good feel and a lovely seat.




Val said...

Both mares are gorgeous. I think the coaching you offered from the ground made a lot of sense. You have a good eye and timing.

OneHindResting said...

They are both looking really good! Well ridden Nat! :)

Gracie looks better in the video than the pictures. She looks a little on the forehand in some of the pics, cos she's only just beginning to learn this stuff (like my mare!). But in the video you can see how much she is using her hindquarter and pushing along rythmically. She also looks quite relaxed and on the job, so well done!

I think you showed good timing when riding Allie too, asking and releasing at good times. The trot after the canter is lovely as well. Allie is coming along really well, all the work that has been put into her is getting results.

Keep up the good work girls!