Saturday, 20 October 2012


Gracie just got me a beauty. I was stupid, putting a rug on Allie in the paddock and I felt Allie rouse on Gracie because she was standing too close but I didn't move quick enough - Gracie let fly, Allie (who is used to Gracie's savage kicks) got out of the way and I copped it on the left leg. She dropped me on my arse and by the time I got up and ran after her to deliver swift sweet revenge it was too late and she had run off, tail flagged, with a 'la la la you can't catch me!' kind of attitude.

Ugh. I've never been kicked properly before. It really hurts :( I have a big hematoma and a hoof shaped bruise.

Thank heavens I don't shoe them.


Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

Holy moly! That's just going to get darker. Doesn't it make you so mad when they do the you can't catch me prance? You want to strangle them but know you'll just get all sweaty chasing them and the horse will have a blast torturing you.

Ruffles said...

OW!!! That looks really painful.

Val said...

Oh dear! Take it easy. I am sure you must be very sore. It is scary when horses forget we are there and treat each other like animals. They are quite rough with one another when the situation calls for it.

Kelly said...

Ouch!!! No one can say riding is an easy sport :)