Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lesson Videos

Had another lesson with Ann today. Gracie and Nat came to have a lesson after mine too. While we were getting ready a horse galloped in his yard and spooked our mares - who then proceeded to pull back, break the twine they were tied to (Gracie has NEVER done that before!) then they pranced off to disturb the lesson before us and ran all over the property causing havoc. Allie even ducked under a temporary one strand fence! Brat

Allie was amazing there as per usual. We worked on proper flexion (she tends to tip her nose to the right to avoid that rein) and transitions within the trot.

It was pretty fun, the exercise we were doing - big trot, then little trot (almost walking) then immediately bog trot again, over and over. She did so well!

Then, out of the blue, Ann said "alright, now canter, don't even think about it" and suddenly she gave me the most beautiful right lead canter depart. I laughed out loud it was just perfect and easy and I can't wait to do that again.

Left canter was pretty funny - the video below shows how hard Allie tries to get it right but she just doesn't have the balance there to canter while being through anf forward into the bridle. IT's geting there though.

Seriously though - watch this video, it's pretty funny.

Photo spam of pretty well behaved ponies:

Pretty mareface!

Ann talked Nat through the whole 'lowering the neck' and 'reaching down' and 'taking control' thing. I think it is some sort of initiation into dressage? :P
Next lesson in a month's time. We certainly have some homework to do!


Val said...

Watching these videos makes me want to go play the big trot/little trot game. The changes in her trot were very visible, especially going to the right. And that canter transition was super nonchalant and easy. You must be so excited!

Thanks for sharing!

Adventures of the Super Ponies said...

You two look AMAZING. I think that once things click you are going to do better at the higher levels. This makes me itching to have some lessons again. In a few years we will be ready for this. So jealous.

Lisa said...

It was so awesome feeling that little trot while still feeling that 'forward' feeling!

Lisa said...

Naw, thanks! Lessons are the best - I don't know why I struggled for so long without them!

OneHindResting said...

Nice work - both of your ponies are looking great! The videos were very helpful too, thanks for sharing!