Friday, 15 June 2012

Allie Clipped

Hairy, muddy dirty pony pre-wash.
I took my hairy beast to the vet clinic to be sedated and clipped this morning.

Arriving at the vet clinic - does she suspect something?
Allie was just a gem the whole time - even trying to snuggle with the vet who had just jabbed her vein with a needle. The sedatives took hold very quickly. I'm talking like 30 seconds and she was like this:

I is a Allie dronk.
She cleaned up really well! I got Sharon from The Galloping Groom to clip her if anyone is interested. She was really good.

Allie kept trying to nuzzle with Sharon and I because she enjoyed the scratchy clippers so much! It was super sweet. I'm glad she had a positive first experience with the clippers. We might not even have to sedate next year.

Her head looks so nice and non-mule like without all that hair! (Not that there is anything wrong with mules...)
I'm really happy I clipped her - she has sweat dermatitis from not being able to dry off quickly when she sweats.

Bit hard to see but she has dry, flaky lumps all over her shoulder. :( Sharon said that will clear up now she is clipped.
Ready for the big reveal?

Nice, huh?
I can see her nice clean tight legs again! She doesn't look like an oversized anorexic dartmoor pony anymore! She looks like a real horse again. I'm pretty chuffed. Her coat is still shiny and looks awesome. We left a saddle patch on just in case she is sensitive.

Now to put on a bit more weight and muscle (if this bloody rainy weather ever lets up again!).

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Ruffles said...

Her clip looks great :) She's very pretty.