Sunday, 22 April 2012

Test - Pics and Video!

Wild beast-pony.

Like I said, Allie went really well today. I didn't want much of a warm up and I htink I sat on her for a total of about 7 minutes today!

To be honest I have schooled her properly only once in the last 3 weeks. She is a superstar! Quiet on the float, quiet while we were there, loaded and unloaded well. Great undersaddle! No complants from me.

During the test there were a few head tossing moments, a few moments were she was slightly behind my leg, but overall she did what I told her to do at the best of her ability. Seriously, can you ask for anything more than that?

The ground was really wet and the arena had a few bad muddy spots which stuffed up our canter-trot transition to the right between the centreline and B (at 3.33 in the video) where she almost walked to keep her balance. Also, walk-trot transition (at 2.33 in the video) is not great.

BUT check out the beautiful trot-canter transition at 3.13!! Could not have asked for more!

Very very happy. Have some warm up pics:


Funder said...

Congrats! You two look beautiful together.

Ruffles said...

You guys look awesome :)!! Well done.

Kelly said...

Wonderful job - you both look great!

Val said...

Very nice test and pictures! Did not realize you were from outside the states. ;)

(or that you had two blogs!)

Lisa said...

Hey Val, yep - I am as Aussie as you can get!