Thursday, 12 April 2012


Lots of stuff happening:

- They officially told us the house is going to be put on the market. "Great!" you say. "Buy it!" you suggest. Alas, they are listing it for $1,000,000. That is just not happening.

- The above point may be a blessing in disguise. I am having mass trouble with Allie. After our lesson with Ann, I have just been destroying my horse's confidence trying to ride in the floodlit darkness over uneven ground. She just can not take even two steps on a row balanced or through. :( I am getting frustrated, she is getting grumpy and hating being schooled. I have taken her to the local indoor and she went a little better there, a little more impulsion ad balance and willingness. There is LOTS of counter flexion (unintentional) when traveling to the left, lots of leapy unbalanced transitions. It sucks.

- BUT we took the girls on a ride through suburbia via the parks and soccer fields of the suburb I grew up in the other day. When we occasionally stopped to school, my horse felt amazing. Light, through, perfect transitions (9 times out of 10), even a beautiful balanced canter. Thank you adrenalin! She wasn't behind my leg at all and was very willing, seeming to enjoy it.

- So after throwing a hissy fit after riding at home and saying I want to scratch from my test, I have decided to continue with it. Hopefully she will have her happy pants on on the day.

- Back to the blessing - we are looking at agistment places. Agisting sucks, but if it means I can keep my horse somewhere with a floodlit arena with good footing, then it should be worth it. We are visiting a place tomorrow which looks quite nice, so I'm hopeful. Maybe this moving thing will just force me to actually use this beautiful horse I have.


Funder said...

Pffft, you don't have a million bucks to buy your house? Loser ;)

(I'm originally from Memphis, so that's what "normal" house prices will always be, and I just faint when I see how much houses cost in California...)

I thought agistment was, like, turning your horse out in a pasture for the summer. Is it more like boarding your horse, with stalls and arenas and wash racks? Anyway, yes, I completely sympathize with how much it sucks to not have your horse in your backyard.

Lisa said...

Yeah, agistment = boarding.

Also, can I hit you up for a loan then? :p