Monday, 30 April 2012

Test Paper

Last post on our test, promise!

I got our test paper today in the mail. The overall comments were a 7 for paces, 7 for impulsion, 5.5 for submission (lol) and 6.5 for rider.

We got a 7.5 for our left working trot circle, canter-trot transition to the left and our free walk. :)

Words that pop up are crooked, rushed, tension. But also purpose, forward, active.

The nicest part was the overall comments: "Regular paces, rhythmical and willing but at times getting a little tense and resistant into transitions. A promising combination - work to the training scale and this pair will do well in the future"

So that was nice!!

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Grey Horse Matters said...

I think the comments are very helpful. They not only give you things to improve on but also gave you a nice compliment.