Monday, 19 December 2011

My horse has leprosy.

Far out - it NEVER ends with my pets!!! Can't I catch a break?!?!

She is itchy, and the skin is flaky and coming off two spots (pictured below). Dr Google diagnoses ringworm.

I have never dealt with ringworm before and I have NO IDEA where the hell she picked it up from. So I am off to the saddlery tomorrow to get an anti fungal treatment to see if I can avoid another freaking vet bill treat it quickly.

We shall see. Harumph.


Dom said...

It does look like ringworm. Be sure you wash carefully after you handle her. People can get it from horses. Ask me how I know! I recommend the EQyss brand MicroTek shampoo.

goodtimetoreview said...

Yikes, my palamnio had weird round spots all over his neck and face that appeared randomly one day. I had a few different vets diagonois it as ringworm and some said sarcoids. I bought everything under the sun to try and cure it from expensive vet medicines to store bought treatments. It lasted for a few years and than just as mysteriously as it appeared it disappeard. Hopefully you will get it figured out and cleared right up! But if it is ringworm be careful as it is contagous!

Kate said...

Yup, looks like RW to me! Gross! But at least it's treatable :)