Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A loving gift for Nat from Gracie

It's seems this mare is determine to send me broke.

She was running around like a maniac this afternoon, and she was headed for the gate, so I pushed it closed and by the time she got to it she tried to go through and caught herself on the latch.

She ended up bluntly ripping the skin on her off side shoulder.

Another vet bill to end the year (just the way 2011 started). Merry Christmas to you too Gracie!


Funder said...

It's a very festive shade of red, at least!

Ruffles said...

Poor Gracie (and you).
Horses seem to hurt themselves at the worst possible times. (and in the stupidest ways.)
I hope it heals up fast.

Dom said...


NeighGirl said...

Oh poor baby, I hope she gets better soon!
I am having a photo contest over at my blog, the theme is horses and I was hoping that you might enter, you seem to have an eye ;)