Saturday, 5 November 2011

We have to do this more often...

Today we hired a float and took the ponies to the local indoor arena for a school. They both did really well, however Gracie was the star of the day, self loading (almost) onto the float after a short schooling session on it and then giving Nat her best schooling ride yet!

Normally we have a bit of trouble with impulsion and drive with Gracie, but she focused well and tried really really hard today. Nat said when she first got on that Gracie felt like she would explode and have a tantrum, but as you can see form the videos Nat was able to focus her and keep her calm.

Allie was.. well, Allie. Not bad, not great but she did have more balance on the flat arena surface than at home on the lumpy grass. She did however leg yield really well (In the first Allie video you see a leg yield off the track then back to the track on the long side). She has been fussy with her mouth. I need lessons.

Please feel free to critique these pictures and videos!

Gracie loading

Allie bum

I loved Gracie's work today because she tried so hard. She has a few conformational difficulties when it comes to carrying herself properly (she is still bum-high, short neck, longish loin) so when she does try it is just awesome because I know how hard it is for her.
It is very hard to get a good walk out of Gracie as she can be so LAZY!

I like how far she is stepping underneath herself with her hinds.

Sweetly listening.

Lifting her shoulder - rare for her!
 Gracie vids:

I didn't realise that she has been going so over bent... :(

Please note her cute bonnet. I am addicted to it... I want more for Christmas...

Good timing with the photo there mid post...
Shorter rein here but I'm tipping forward.

She has a looong stride. I like. :)
Allie vids (these are pretty funny!):

You can hear me growling at Allie to "GET UP!" at the end of that one.

Allie couldn't seem to get the right lead at the canter, but in the videos I was happy that she was cantering at all! No wonder she didn't seem able to canter across the short side, being on the wrong lead. We are having trouble with canter because she is a big horse with a BIG canter and my tiny little yard at home is too small to teach her, she gets the shits because she can often lose her balance at home.

Points for me to work on:
  • I seem to be riding with my hands very wide and low - this has been because I am trying to encourage her to go in a longer lower frame but it looks ridiculous.
  • My toes always turn violently to the outside. I hate it.
  • I can't for the life of me put much weight in my outside stirrup. This causes (I think?) mucho trouble bending her on the left rein. She just won't do it. She counter-bends to the right when she is on the left rein. If I use my inside rein to attempt to see just the corner of her eye she just turns in or ignores it. The supporting right rein just makes her bend more right! It is driving me INSANE. Any tips?
  • I really really need to get some regular lessons.
Today is another float ride! Where shall we go? Stay tuned!

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    You guys all look great. Especially Allie.