Friday, 4 November 2011

Thank you

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my last post. It is amazing how much it helps feeling the love and sympathy coming from what essentially are complete strangers on the other side of the planet. I love the blogging community. We really are a special breed!

I had a very hard first day without Chakra, with a few very hard cries and my heart just ached for her presence. BUT I managed not to cry at all yesterday. Because I know I will miss her always, but it was the right thing to do. There is peace and relief in my heart for the whole situation. Looking at your dog every day thinking 'you are going to die very soon' is depressing and upsetting and not fair on you or the poor dog. I tried very hard not to be sad around her but I think she knew anyway.

It is 'easier' this time loosing a pet I think because knowing she had cancer for the last 3 months was hard at the time but prepared me well for her death. I didn't waste any precious time with her. Plus she had a massive amount of treats those last few months and with food being her favorite thing in the world, this made her very happy.

This weekend we were supposed to take the horses away to the beach but with Chakra's passing I just want to be at home. I don't need the extra stress right now of towing an unfamiliar float for 3 hours to an unfamiliar place and while it would have been very fun, I'm not feeling up to it at all.

We are however still hiring the float and today we are off to the local indoor arena for a school. I'm pretty excited about that and we will be taking our camera!

To finish, here is a picture from when I nearly chopped the end of my finger off while sweeping with a metal broom and it snapped around my finger (yes, really) and when Chakra was supposed to have surgery to remove the cancer lump but they couldn't get the scanner working to see if it had spread yet, so I took her back home overnight and they left her drip in. We were a sorry pair that night!!


Funder said...

Ack, you two are so pitiful! Glad you're hanging in there.

How do you rent a float? Like, privately from another horse owner, or are there actually companies that rent them?

Lisa said...

Yeah, either from private or from like machinery hire places. Sometimes there are even floats for hire at petrol stations!

Funder said...

That's awesome! Nobody rents them here. In the three years I had horses and no trailer, I saw ONE ad on Craigslist in central CA (a couple hundred miles away) for a trailer rental. Most anybody will haul you or let you borrow a trailer for a vet trip, but it's a big mark of friendship for somebody to let you borrow a trailer for a non-emergency. I can only assume no one rents them because the insurance liability is too high.

eventer79 said...

Just wanted to send my best. I went through this this spring when I lost my beloved Smokey-girl. I still struggle with it, but she gave so much love...