Saturday, 29 October 2011

Gracie's Sarcoid Treatment - Day One

So as Nat mentioned in the last post, Gracie has had some lumps diagnosed as sarcoids.

Here is an awesome link on sarcoids.

As they are on her nose surgery is not an option (and from what I have read, sarcoids don't respond well to surgery anyway) so the vet prescribed a cream. We are to treat it once a day for 5-7 days and then stop treatment and leave it alone. If this doesn't work, then we need to have the vet re-think treatment.

The normal side (for comparison)

The sarcoids aren't that bad compared to some of the photos I have seen online.
The cream is already applied and has soaked in for 20 minutes in these photos.

Grumpy Gracie

These are crappy pics, sorry.

I took a little video too - it shows the sarcoids better;

The cream

Wish us luck - we really don't want the sarcoids to get any worse.


Ruffles said...

Hope they heal up fast :) Poor girl, they myst be so annoying.

Funder said...

I've actually heard of that stuff! It's supposed to work pretty well, compared to the dismal prognosis for most other treatments. They're so weird and mysterious. Good luck Gracie!