Saturday, 22 October 2011


So I have been feeling a bit flat about Chakra (more on that later, this is a happy post!) and I woke up this morning to my very first ever blog award!!

I'm so excited about this, it is totally silly of me but I have been kinda a little bummed that my blog hadn't been mentioned yet and I try so hard to read and keep up with a bunch of blogs and I try to comment on them all and and and I'm happy now. :p

So now I have to pick 15 blogs that I think deserve the award and then tell you 7 things about myself that you might not be aware of.

1. It's a Good Thing You're Cute
2. From Racehorse to Showhorse
3. The Process of Learning
4. 8 Days a Week
5. Nina's Story
6. Pony Express
7. Buckskin and Bay
9. G is for Greta
10. Green n' Green = Black n' Blue
11. I Will Jump Sweet Jumps
12. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
13. Letters to Hennessy
14. Princess Diva Diaries
15. Tekes Tally-Ho!

That was hard! I follow that many blogs, it is hard to narrow it down!

Ok, getting to know me....

1. My middle name is Narvelle, after my mother's aunt Narvelle Joyce. I absolutely love it and I am really interested to know everyone's middle name because I have such a cool one. I think it is French and I am yet to be able to find a name meaning on Google, but my mother told me it means beautiful.

2. As you can probably probably tell, I have very sound self esteem, almost to the point of being egotistical. It gives the people I hang out with a lot the shits, but I own it! I know I'm a pretty cool person and worth a lot! All through school, I was severely bullied - spat on, beat up by both girls and boys, paper thrown at me, I have scars on my legs from where I used to have chunks of concrete thrown at me during lunch, the list goes on. I was treated by most of the other kids like I was a piece of scum and they even said my name like "eeew, Lisa Castle" as if I was totally disgusting. DESPITE all this I knew there was nothing wrong with me and it was THEIR problem they didn't like me and it was their loss. I had my few close friends and they were (and still are) beautiful people and I wouldn't have wasted my time on anyone else in school. If it weren't for my healthy self esteem (and my best friends and my first pony) I might not have survived that hell hole.

3. This one is a cheat because you probably already know this, but I would normally want to pick up a horse's foot and trim it then hop on and ride. I am obsessed! I have another blog, The Glorious Hoof, where I write about feet.

4. When I am stressed, I bite the skin around my fingernails, especially in my sleep. I have woken up in the past with a mouthful of blood and when I start picking I know that there is something wrong that I am stressing about.

5. I use an absolute motza of hand cream. I can't stand when my hands feel a little dry and I use easily a bottle a week. I apply it about 50 times a day and I am not even exaggerating.

6. I go to church every Sunday, which is unusual for my demographic.

7. I LOVE to sing. At the top of my lungs, big loud long notes until I am out of breath. And I totally suck at it. I knew Andrew was the husband for me because he doesn't mind. :)


Ashleigh said...

Good on you Lisa, you deserve an award! That is quite the curious middle name- mine's just your average Nicole.
Thanks so much!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the mention of my blog Lisa! When I started my blog, it was totally just for me...I could not believe it when I started having followers :)

Barbara said...

Thanks for the award. (and I read your hoof blog too!) Now I have to go answer those questions!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the award Lisa!

Dom said...

You picked a lot of blogs I would have picked if I had more slots!

Ruffles said...

Congrats. I'm following your blog now :)