Monday, 23 February 2009

The weather has been horribly unpredictable lately. We went from a 4 day heat wave, to torrential rain and freezing temps for about a week after. Now I'm not quite sure how to explain today's weather but apparently its supposed to clear up and reach 31 degrees, somehow I don’t think that is going to happen given the look of the sky :.

Anyhow, since the weather has been so confusing, it's been hard to really do anything practical with the horses. We were supposed to go on a ride at Kurnell beach last Saturday but Becks had to have the Chiropractor out because he has been super sore all over lately, but that's a story for Lisa to tell, it ended up storming severely for about half an hour that afternoon anyway.

Grace has grown a lump on her left mandible, we started to get quite worried about it so we had the dentists next door have a look at it (as her baby teeth have started to fall out) and we were told it was not to do with her teeth and to get a vet out to X-ray her head as it could be an ulcer or a fracture. $300 later, I have just been informed by the vet that it IS in fact her teeth and it will go away with time as her baby teeth fall out. I asked the vet if I should get the dentist out to pull the teeth that are stoping the adult ones growing through but he insisted it wouldn’t be necessary! So there you go, $300 down the drain, sort of, although we do get to keep the X-rays which will be pretty interesting!

There is a lady at the property where we keep Becks and Grace that kind of looks at us like we are idiots for not breaking Grace in already, because apparently we should break her and then spell her for a year. Kapish to her, you can tell just by looking at Grace that she is not ready to have someone on her back, she is too gangly and still a bit bum high.

Unfortunately I don’t have any recent photos of the horses, but will post some up within the next week or so. Like I said the weather has been horrible so it's hard to do much when you combine one crippled sore horse, an unbroken horse, slushy muddy ground and sheets and sheets of rain.

We have come to the realisation that a free animal will almost ALWAYS cost you more then one you have paid for (well for us anyway). We have a new kitten to add to the addition, her name is Leah, we paid for her, so no vet bills as of yet (fingers crossed).


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