Thursday, 5 February 2009

February already!

The ponies have been good. I had some time off work last week, so was able to ride a bit and do some stuff with Gracie. She still is not 100% better from her New Years Eve escape, but she is almost there. Just some pretty hefty scabs on her leg and her eye has a small white cloudy spot that will go away with time.

We have had a saddle and bridle on her now, before the NYE escape. Didn't girth her up tight, just enough to keep the saddle from slipping. She took it in her stride, she wasn't worried about it at all. Very proud.

Beckham had pulled the wool over my eyes a little bit in the schooling department, going around pretty heavy on the forehand and not trying at all. Linda (another agister) watched me riding him and offered to help. She got on him and pretty much kicked his bum into gear. He's a different horse now. (Pictures below!)

While I was off, we went on two big trotting rides, out the back with Linda and her horse Houdini. Poor Becks had a bit of a hard time trying to figure out that if he didn't try to pull himself along with his front end and actually use his hind legs, that it was much easier for him to keep up with the massive easy floating trot of Houdini. I have 2 off-property rides coming up that I would like him to be fit enough for him to actually enjoy - one ride to Kurnell beach and a 20km social ride up at Colo.

Piccies? Ok.

Gracie's leg (about 1 and a half weeks ago)

And Gracie's feet:
Just hanging out, enjoying daylight savings and the good weather:

Linda sorting Beckham out for me:

And then (half) one good shot of me riding him after that:

Grace under saddle:

Aaaaand it's bed time.


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