Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My Favourite (most discreet) things about Grace!

We have had our ups and downs with Grace the past week or so. She had Spasmodic Colic last Monday night and throughout the rest of the week she was not really herself.

We came out sat morning to find her laying down again in her yard and then rolling. So of course we sort of panicked a bit. She seemed fine, she was eating and drinking, she had a little bit of hyperactive gut sounds but not too bad, she ended up being fine. We let her into the grass arena with Beckam to graze for a while and she ran around like an idiot for a while stirring up the other horses (as she does). She settled down after a while and we watched her for about half an hour and realised shes in season.... joy ;). She was doing the whole look at me thing to Beckam and he really didn't give her anything to work with, which was frustrating her I think, it was interesting to watch the way she acts when shes in season.

So I though since I haven't put any pics up in a while that I would post some detailed pics on my favorite (not so noticeable) things about my pony :).

First and foremost, my absolute favorite thing is her quirkiness. This isn't so discreet as she LOVES people and has obvious strange habits thats she likes to make extremely evident (a la' picking up sticks and making random piles in her yard- "this one goes in this pile cause its short, this one goes in this pile cause its long!" - no, she isn't quite THAT smart). Grace has an unconditional love for people and finds comfort in their presence, this doesn't mean to say she wont kick you in the head though!

> "oh hi mum! watcha got in your hand there?"

Her fluffy ears! Well I know it is coming into winter (grrrr winter coat, grrrr!) but I can put up with the winter coat if it comes equip with hairy fluffy big ears!

>Don't you just want to sing into them? Cause I know how much she would LOVE that ;)

Her eye (this is the bad one too! - it is almost all healed up, you cant see the white spot in the photo - just don't stare too long, it will eat away at your soul!). She has the sweetest eye, it fits perfectly with her "i love you!" attitude towards people (unless theres food around, or souls too I suppose, eh eh eh ;)).

Her NOSE! Oh so scrumptious and soft and squishy! she has the cutest muzzle, don't you just want to kiss it? Go on, she will let you, she'll even kiss you back!

>nom nom nom!

Her random dark spot! Time will only tell what lies beneath. We will see once she is completly grey I spose. Without the dark sport, Gracie wouldnt be Gracie ;)

> notice the winter coat starting? No!!!

Now this is something I DONT like. Evertime shes inthe grass arena, she comes back covered in thick, sticky spidey webs.. God only knows what kind of ironman spiders make those indestrucable things but I can never seem to get them off her, and if I succed in doing that, I spend the next half hour trying to get them off myself! I hate those sticky spidey webs, HATE THEM!

>oooohhh I hate those flies too!!

Alas! I am done, but you are not! here are some photos form the weekend.

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