Wednesday, 1 October 2008


So Gracie has been here for over a week now. Almost 2 infact. Natalie got a halter on her, so that was a little progress. Then Casey came out last Saturday to see how she is going (and to give Beckham kisses) and she gave us a few really good tips for Gracie's training.

Gracie has a bratty attitude problem. Food is a big motivator for her. We have been making her work for her food, she has to sniff our hand or let us touch her, or stand still and relax while we are in her space, (or something, a little goal for the day) then we let her have a mouthful. This pisses her off a bit. I think she has never had to do something she hasn't wanted to do. Bit of a rude shock, I guess. She has decided that nipping is good way to get the point across that she is shitty. She got me a beauty tonight on the leg, and she got Natalie on the side the other day. I swung my arms up at her immediately when she bit me, made her go away, then my goal for the session was to teach her that nipping is not ok, using little growls and not letting her eat till she let me pet her nose without her trying to nip. She understood after about 5 minutes, and complied, but she didn't seem too happy about it. I haven't really bonded with her, unfortunetly.

We have also been spending time in there with her without food, asking her to stay put while we come in her space, asking her to sniff a hand or follow us for a few steps, then taking the pressure off when she does what we want. She is getting quite confident. She was alot better today for me without the food motivator.

She is looking alot better weight and health wise too. I want to trim her feet so badly! And her mane is a tangled mess. And she needs a curry comb too. Or a roll.


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