Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Some pics

Not much riding going on.
Infact, no riding going on. :(

Despite daylight savings having started last Sunday, a sore back, tummy bugs, and various other reasons have kept me off Becks. I did lounge him once though. He wasn't too pleased about that. I'm hoping to get on him this week.

In other news, things with Gracie are traveling at a steady, albeit slow, pace. She has backed off the bratty attitude a little, but has started trying to shit me by doing the 'I can touch you, but you are NOT allowed to touch me!' thing. It's frustrating. She has a better bond with Natalie I'm afraid. She just doesn't want to try for me.
I did manage to get a lead on her and lead her around a little, but she already follows easily. I was teaching her about giving to the pressure of the halter. Asking her to come to me, and giving her slack in the rope when she made an effort to move closer. I eventually was able to stand in her space and touch her nose. She didn't like it one bit, but she also didn't loose her head and try to escape. Progress, I guess.

Onto photos.
(Captions below)

Nom nom nom

Becks and Gracie sniffing with Venus, a cute quarter horse mare.

Andrew 'just chilling' with Becks. (In Andrew's words... lol)

Most of the mares on the property are coming into season now. Becks was walking around the property yesterday, sniffing all the manure piles and wet patches, getting all excited. He forgets he is a gelding sometimes.

She is quite a
nice mover already. She has an 'effortless' trot, with that little moment of suspension quite obvious. Plus she doesn't move with her head stuck straight up in the air so far.

The trouble makers, just having a graze.


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