Saturday, 18 October 2008

Happy Birthday Becks!

Becks turned 18 today!
He was so full of himself today too, really enjoyed being a horse for once.

I let them have a run around the arena together.

Why can't I get him to trot like that under saddle?

Again with the feeling good.

Look what Gracie can do now! She now leads quite well, except through gates. That takes a little extra encouragement. We took her down to the dam today. She was an angel. Very very proud. :D

She is really coming along now. We are able to pet her all down her neck, to her withers, down to the top of her fore legs. I can now stand beside her and she will stand there and generally be ok with that. She is getting easier to catch now too, might be able to start taking the halter off her in a few weeks.

Very happy.


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