Friday, 19 September 2008

She's here!

So Gracie arrived this morning at like 11. It was so exciting!!!
I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting! Until finally I decided I wasn't going to stare at the front gate anymore and thus! along came an old stinky truck.

She was CRAZY in there. Since she couldn't be put on a float or a normal horse truck she had to be put on a cattle truck, that made REALLY SCARY BANGING SOUNDS when she walked/ran/jumped around in the back. We had a bit of trouble, since the truck had no ramp, and the property had no cattle yards or what-ever, we had to back the truck up to the side of the damn where there was a slight hill, and she pretty much jumped out (with little cautiousness). Now the damn is in the "mob" paddock, which is the only paddock on the property that is, well, a paddock? So I had no idea how how I was going to get her into a yard, but, she fixed that problem herself by attempting to jump through the electric fence (because of the horses in the mob being all "WHO ARE YOU???????") ever so gracefully and pulling the fencing down. So anyway you catch my drift, she was in the yard.

I tried getting as close to her as possible with some hay, she eventually let me scratch her shoulder, but with the hay, not my hand, and then she ate the hay, lol. After about an hour and a half of trying to get close to her without her freaking out, I went home and had some lunch.

When i came back she still had some hay left so I sat about a meter from it, throwing her carrots and apples and all sorts of goodies. She was really cute, when she finished she came really close and sniffed me, all i did was move my hand to pick up an apricot and she was off.

And eventually we (me and lese) herded her up into a smaller yard where we can keep a close eye on her.

She had a yummy feed and now im here writing about her while the dog is lieing down releasing deadly gases, not good :(.


Beckham loves her.

This is the closest I could get without her trembling.

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