Saturday, 13 September 2008


My sister Natalie and I have been into horses since before she was born. Having lost both our first ponies to colic in the last few years, I have moved onto an old OTTB, and Natalie is about to buy a very young, unhandled partbred Andalusian. We decided to start this blog to chronicle our efforts in training the two of them.

Beckham is an OTTB, born 18th October, 1990. He's a sweetheart. Loves his cuddles.

Gracie is of unknown origin, allegedly partbred Andalusian. About 3 years (actually more like under 2 years) old. Totally unhandled, and has grown up knowing what it means to be a horse. We are going to (hopefully) turn her into a lovely riding horse.

Gracie arrives on Wednesday afternoon (the 17th September) if all goes well.

14.09.08 Edit: Looks like it will be Thursday or Friday now.

 30.04.11 Edit: Gracie's age.

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