Sunday, 14 September 2008

Other players

I thought I would introduce you to the other money-suckers in my life, to fill in time between now and when Gracie comes.

Chakra comes number 1 on this list. She's an 8 year old Staffy that used to belong to someone else. The owner did not give two flicks about her and she ended up with heartworm, so underweight that her spine was very well defined all along her back, all hip bones sticking out with sores from sitting down, bad cracked and bleeding skin. The vet bills have been quite high, but I love this little dog and she is wonderful to have around. She just lights up the place with her companionship and personality, you know? She thinks that she is a lap dog. But she's 15.5kg, farts and has bad breath. Her favorite thing to do (other than just be near you) is to lie on her back, and wiggle around making happy-piglet noises while she scratches her back. Like so:
It's hilarious.

Evan is a 1 year old, broken tailed, previously cat flu infested DSH kitty rescued from a group of boys who were about to drown him in a creek when he was about 8 weeks old. He is awesome to have around. When it's cold, he'll purr in your face until you let him under the blankets with you. He can be cranky, he can be loving, he can be totally nonchalant. Regular crazy cat. We love him.

Eddie is a 4 year old, silky x foxy x god-knows-what. He is psycho. He has thighs of steel for bounce-bounce-bouncing at the back door Even if there is no one home. He's more Natalie's dog.

Then there's the fish.

They aren't too bad. They just keep fouling up the tank.


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