Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Vets. Again.

Yesterday was teeth day for both Allie and Gracie, and of course Allie also had a lameness exam.

We did the lameness exam first, but I'll tell you about that last.

Teeth went well. Allie is starting to shift her teeth around to fill the gap left from the tumor, which is a good thing. However, now her back two teeth are drifting apart, causing a small gap between them that food is getting caught in. Ugh.

Vet says she needs to see her again in 3 months to ensure that ulceration isn't occuring and to clear everything out properly, and to remove more from the bottom tooth that doesn't have an opposing surface to wear on. Three monthly dentals will probably continue for a few years. But yesterday there was no ulceration and her mouth looks really good and healthy considering.

Gracie's teeth were a bit overdue so she had a little ulcering, but this dentist takes a little bit off more often and is conservative to retain as much tooth as possible for long term dental health (which I love), so Gracie is back in 3 months too (then goes back to 12 month dentals).

Now, to the lameness exam. I showed her some footage of Allies lameness while being worked (I won't share it here because Andrea is riding her and I don't feel comfortable sharing without her consent) and then we trotted her up. Als had had about 5 days off so there was nothing to see in the trot up. The cet flexed both fetlocks and they flexed clean, however the hocks did not. We lunged her to try to see more lameness but apparently a horse can be not lame enough (?!) and the vet said it would be a waste of my money nerve blocking yesterday because the lameness was so mild even after flexing that she wasn't confident they would be abke to pinpoint it.

So, the vet wants me to work Allie this week, and work her hard to make her sore enough to be able to diagnose. Poor Allie!

We are back at the vets next Wednesday, so wish us luck that some HA injections sorts out the problem!

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TeresaA said...

Those mild, fleeting lameness' are so annoying. I hope that you can get better answers next week.