Friday, 9 December 2016

Ballymount Alleycat

Everyone is doing breeding posts and seeing as Allie is off on holiday again I thought I would join in.
Allie is technically an Arab warmblood, but her pedigree looks more like this:

Yes, yes I did make a pie chart of her breeding.

Being mostly thoroughbred, she is often mistaken for an ottb. But there's still a little arab in there, and more than enough various warmblood varieties too.

Her sire is Gwaihir Aubusson, an anglo arab that I think is just the bees knees of all-rounder handy horses.

Isn't he handsome?
He has a temperament to die for, and has done everything from endurance to eventing, with hacking, showjumping, and modelling in between. I got to meet him personally, and even in fat paddock condition he lives up to his name. His owner would hop on him bareback with a halter to ride him up to serve mares, that's how quiet he is.

And he can jump.

San Domingo, Aubusson's sire.

Mecca is San Domingo's sire, who is by the famous Silwan.


Allie's dam is a lovely Australian warmblood mare called Jubilee Columbine. I was lucky enough to meet her too when I went to look at Allie the first time. She's just as sweet as Allie is.

She is a bit of a tank actually.

Dat neck tho
 Columbine is by Carbine, a black Hanoverian stallion that was imported into Australia. Her dam line has some holsteiner lines that go back to Contact, through Karinola Close Encounters. They're all jumping and dressage warmblood lines as far as I know.


Carbine again. Can't find any confo shots of him online though.

Contact, sire of Karinola Close Encounters, on Columbine's dam's sire line.

Anyway, this is where Allie has come from. I'll leave you with some baby Allie photos, for funsies.

Weanling Allie with friends.

Weanling Allie

One week old.

Pretty baby, pretty dam! One week old.

On the day she was born.

Day old

Day old.

Three months old

Weanling. She's still a grot these days.

4 year old, the first day I met her.

4 year old, the day after I brought her home.

4 yo


emma said...

Oooh such an interesting pedigree, Aubusson is lovely!!

Carly said...

Ha, I actually always thought she was a TB! This is really cool though, and I love her baby pics!

L.Williams said...

Her sire is gorg!

Olivia @ DIY Horse Ownership said...

Her sire is so cool. I love horses that can do a mix of things.