Saturday, 14 March 2015


You guys. I have a daughter.

And she's just a perfect little creature.

I can't WAIT to buy her a stout 14hh Welsh pony (big enough for mum to ride too, yeah? Welshies are the BOMB).

She has my eyes. They're big and almond shaped and the iris takes up more room than normal. It kinda hit me last night - I was looking in the mirror at myself and recognised her eyes in mine. What a moment. <3

Because I had her via c-sec, I haven't been back out to see Allie at all. I'm not allowed to drive at the moment, and our first full day at home was only yesterday. Still figuring out a lot of stuff so I've given myself time to just chill out with my daughter before we go out to the paddock. I'm not in too much pain at least.

Allie is being taken care of by Natalie. Gosh I miss her so much though. Hopefully we get out there for pats and cuddles this weekend or early next week. I'm dissapointed that I had to have a c-sec (mostly now just because in have to wait so long for full recovery i.e. finally riding my horse again) but it is just another little hurdle to hop over before we restart our journey together again. Not long now, Allie.

Now, shall I spam you with baby photos?


KateRose said...

Congrats! She is adorable!!!

TeresaA said...

she is beautiful

Val said...

Isn't it wonderful? Take your time.

Sarah said...