Thursday, 12 February 2015



I am not happy with how often poor Allie has sinus infections. I also do not want to put her through more surgery to remove the extensive scar tissue that is causing most of these infections.

I think that, after 17 months of lameness, stall rest, in and out of hospital, surgery, etc etc, her immune system is shot. It needs help.

I've turned to McDowell's Herbs in Bathurst to help. They've sent me a specialised tincture for her sinus, a tendon and bone mix, colloidal silver, slippery elm and chamomile. This has cost an absolute bomb, but if it gets her to where she isn't suffering from a runny nose or enlarged lymph node every 2 or 3 weeks, then it is all worth it. She's starting today - doesn't seem to notice that there are extra things in her feed, otherwise I would have to paste her twice a day, which she is totally totally sick of.

So, I have to call McDowell's back in 3 weeks to report how she is doing.

Wish us luck!