Thursday, 25 September 2014

Got Me Back

You guys.

I've got ME back again. It feels amazing.

I'm finding joy in the little things again, multiple times a day, like I used to. An awesome old song on the radio, my big round belly jumping out of time with my own heartbeat, my pony's dapples blooming in the springtime sunshine.

I feel like Lisa again, with a default happy that is the underlying emotion in my life.

Life really is good. I just forgot that for a while.


Funder said...


I thought it was all a lot of bunk up until I could finally feel the baby kicking. That's pretty cool and every little thump makes me happy. Hang in there :)

KateRose said...

That is so wonderful! :)

Val said...

Welcome to the other side!

Being a Mommy is wonderful, so you are in for even more good stuff. Allie looks great!