Friday, 3 January 2014

Spam Comments

Oh gosh. Going through these spam comments is hard to explain. I think it's entertaining?

Some of these are quite dirty, but so funny!

"Anyways adam got tired of sleeping around at about the time he'd caught him having a fake vagina"

"She of course is Debra in "Everybody Loves Raymond". His doing this is a very basic kind of commitment for him, an important step on the road to a lifetime commitment. That's why you must pay close attention to the legal implications of job interview"

"Give the tree a gentle shake to dislodge any leaves that aren't glued. Being large hit is proven to the carburetor in the entire world. "

"The purpose of ejaculation is to first warm up the fake vagina sleeves. They eat more than a year in jail, while facing trial, which might have been more than 30 years ago"

"It is necessary to understand how and why these are totally different, and which one is the best. Remember if you have children or pets they may try to play in, or drink from, the water bowl"

"Hellо my loνed one! I wish to saу that thіs рost iѕ amazing, grеat written and іncluԁe almοst all signifіcаnt infοs"


Carly said...

hahaha, these are so random and so awesome!

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Those are funny! Mine go into a spam filter so I never read them, ha.

Karley said...

SOOOO random!