Sunday, 5 January 2014

Fit to Event

Hey all. I've started a new blog - Fit to Event.

I will still be blogging here like normal, the other blog is more for my motivtion for getting fit, eating healthy, making time for everything in my life, etc etc.

Yes, there are swimwear shots. They're lovely :P

Please, help me out, help me realise my dream - follow me over there if this is something that would interest you. My goal with that blog is to have a big blogging community helping each other with tips and tricks on managing life, being healthy, riding horses, competing and loving life without burning out.


Funder said...

If you're on Facebook, you should join Rider Fit, too! Low-key encouragement abounds.

L.Williams said...

I'll follow you .:)

Jessica @ The Georgia Horse said...

That's cool! I'm following!