Saturday, 21 December 2013

Want Want Want

This post is going to sound like a big fat whinge.


I want to live on acreage with my horses at home. I want to trim for a living, full time, with the facilities to take on rehab cases. I want to compete my horse and have great success with her while barefoot. I want my trimming business to grow and grow and grow. I want to go to Uni and do a bachelor of equine science and have a lab and research hooves and biomechanics and all that good stuff. I want to have a child or two and not have to give up horses or trimming while still being a great mum giving my kids all they need.

I want to loose 15 kilos and eat like a healthy person and be fit and strong so I can trim for years to come. I want to be a good partner for my husband and give him everything he needs too.

How the hell do I do all that with the one little life I've been given? I'm 30 in April and I want to be in that place in 5 years and it totally isn't going to happen and I feel like I have wasted my life so far, piss farting around spending money and not saving and not educating myself early enough. Why did we spend so much frigging money on our wedding? We spend almost $50,000. Far out. That's a house deposit!

Anyway anyway. I just wanted to get that out.

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TeresaA said...

well all of that in your timeline may not be feasible. However, it's all achievable just make a plan and work on it.